1. Lack of Business Planning

Nightmares begin when an employee realizes that an employer is clueless as to what is needed to drive results and make business thrive. How can an effective business plan be made in the absence of a leader who is resourceful enough to develop a strategic roadmap? How can realistic goals be set? An employer that lacks knowledge in the areas of industry trends, regulations governing the business, and structures necessary for success will always be in firefighter mode; constantly putting out fires that could have easily been avoided by a simple plan. The most dedicated employee will walk away from the constant chaos and instability. Successful organizations have clear visions, goals and mandates. That is, they know what they want, how to get it and set clear rules that guide the “how” in the equation. They are aware of external factors that affect the business and plan by using internal resources to respond.

2. Lack of Consistent Organizational Processes

The absence of set processes that lead to successful completion of tasks can leave an employee feeling that nothing has been accomplished at the end of a busy day. Processes and procedures determine how we get from point A to point B in the business plan. They feed off of the organizational goals set and into each employee’s job description. Yes, I know, as a business you have to respond to changes in technology and marketplace, I agree! However, you must ensure that changes made to processes make sense, are in alignment with business reporting obligations, and lead to goals being achieved.  Don’t forget to attach metrics to changes made. This will track effectiveness and allow you to make adjustments through a continuous improvement strategy.

3. Lack of HR Planning

Human Resource planning is more than just the hiring and firing of employees. It goes beyond recruitment and must include management. Employers often focus on customer retention and plan on keeping even the worst customer happy. But what about employees? How are you managing your human capital effectively? What is your plan to keep your best employees happy? How do you plan on developing the eager but least skilled employees? How do you deal with employees who wreak havoc in the workplace? Bad employers ignore them all and expect that the promise of a bi-weekly pay check is the answer to keeping everybody in line. Successful employers, regardless of size, understand
Succession Planning, Training and Development, and the need for the administration of clear HR policies that protect and support staff. The effective management of Human Resources will allow for the retention of top talent and make strategic partners out of all employees.

Nikki Waheed is a Career Coach and Job Developer, working with employers to increase diversity and equity.  She can be contacted through email via canadiansmallbusinesswomen@gmail.com.

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