Is Your Website A Selling Machine?

Why do you have a website? Because everyone else does is not the answer.
The purpose of any good website is to keep visitors coming back, capture leads and turn these leads into sales. By making your website a hub of information on your business, your products and/or services – show you are credible. If I’m looking for that gizmo that you sell, I should find it with all the information that will help me make a decision to buy from you. What leads me to buy from you is the fact that:
1. I know more about your business
2. I know the service that you will provide once I am a customer
3. Because of the amount of other information you have provided via your blog and product information etc, I know that you are a professional that likes to
    help people
4. I know you have a list of satisfied customers from the testimonials listed
All of this is on your website and makes me want to purchase from you despite the price, and despite the 20% off offered by the competition.
Is your website offering enough information to help your visitors come to a buying decision?
Does Your Website Have These 3 Keys Factors
1. Your website provides helpful and useful information
2. You show credibility through your knowledge
3. You show trustworthiness with testimonials
Do a quick overview of your website and ensure that these key factors are prominent.
Dwainia Grey is an online marketer at Awesome Biz Online. She creates
awesome websites and blogs for businesses as well as working with
companies to optimize their websites with Search Engine Optimization and
Social Media. She can be reached at Awesome Biz Online or by phone at 647-799-1090 x 104. You a can also follow her on Facebook to get the latest on online marketing.
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