Creating Connections Through Colour

Open Your Mind to Creative Thinking

Colour is a tremendously powerful medium. It perhaps, is more influential than many people (especially those with an untrained eye) may realize. Colour has the unique ability to influence a number of thought provoking, subconscious emotions without even saying a word. Along with an unlimited number of feelings, moods, memories and emotions, colour has the capability to invoke physiological and even metabolic responses. For example the colour red and its ability to stimulate the appetite or the colour yellow, which may create a feeling of anxiety for some.

I recently stumbled upon an interesting infographic that examined the psychology of colour as it relates to business and the consumer. It really peaked my interest, as all things “psychology” tend to do and got me thinking about the choices I had made in the past regarding the branding and corporate identity I was hoping to create for my businesses. Without any formal training on this subject I found it incredibly interesting to see where my colour choices at that time landed in the spectrum of colour psychology and if, in fact they were representative of the message I was trying to convey to consumers through my colour selections.

I encourage you to check out the same infographic brought you by the creative people at WebpageFX to learn more about the psychology of colour in business and consumer behaviour.

I found this particular infographic is especially informative as the creator has taken the time to include logos and branding of popular companies under colour heading to illustrate the connection to the psychological meaning of the colour. Or two colours, as the case may be.

Here are a few thought provoking questions I’ve created for you to ask yourself after you’ve reviewed the psychology of colour infographic. Ladies, when your small business first launched:

•Did you examine the role that colour plays in influencing consumer behavior?

•Was your unique brand developed by a professional?

          o If yes, did said professional clearly understand the vision and message you wished to convey of your brand?

•Did you identify which emotional messages (for example: trust, honesty or integrity) that are representative of your brand?

          o If yes, did explore the role that the psychology of colour plays in creating consumer engagement?

If at the present time your brand doesn’t seem to be generating the hype you were expecting and you answered no to any (or all) of the above questions perhaps it may be the right time to incorporate examining the psychology of colour into your strategic planning.

Brands are continually being reinvented. Consumer behavior isn’t static. It shifts for a variety of reasons dictated by a myriad of economical and social factors and in order for a business to keep connections strong as well as generate valuable new ones it must be aware of and in tune with its target audience.

My savvy business women remember that while purple may be your favourite colour it may not create that unique emotional connection you are seeking in order to engage your clientele. Some people are gifted with an instinctive, naturally creative flair while others possess a gift for crunching numbers, stats and hard data. Be as it may, we all have strengths and challenges. This is what makes us unique as individuals. But what sets us apart is our passion for small business and the limitless drive each of us possess to learn what we need to in order to grow our venture into successful enterprise.

GRAPHIC: Open your mind to creative thinking. Source:

Shannon Lauzon is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of Pragmatic Approach, a boutique small business development, strategic planning and social media marketing firm located in Southwestern Ontario. Pragmatic Approach’s mission is to provide purposeful, solution-focused consulting to entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout all stages of their business life cycle.
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