Shaking Off The Funk


Happy Friday Entreprenistas and Small Business Mavens!!

I have to throw it out there – This girl needs blue skies and sunshine to keep her ingenuity flowing.  In my world, grey skies seem to equal a whole lot of blahness.  Yes, blahness.  Now I know that blahness isn’t actually a word but it is the most fitting description that I can come up to best depict things.  My mood is flat, my energy is low and my motivation seems to have taken a vacation without me.  In fact, I’m convinced that for the past few weeks my motivation has kidnapped my creativity and is holding her hostage in my bed, buried under a heap of soft, warm blankets while I head off into the real world each day.

I don’t think that I am too far out in left field for suspecting that too many days of unseasonal gloom here in southwestern Ontario have, perhaps contributed to the recent uninspired and befuddled funk I seem to have fallen into.  My creative energy has been as flat as my hair gets when I’m caught in the rain, and in the last few weeks we all know how often is has rained.  Perhaps some of you share also my sentiment and can relate?  If so, then this post is especially for you!

Yes ladies we are smart, savvy and strong small business superwomen, but we are also human beings.  The aforementioned funk, groove, rut or motivational blues can, and will happen to each of us at one time or another in our lives.  At some point the stresses we encounter in our day-to-day lives take either a physical, emotional, psychological (or a combination thereof) toll and as result, can leave us feeling drained, out sorts, uninspired and downright blah.

Rest assured my sisters, you are not alone.  Marketing and lifestyle expert Marie Forleo addresses this very issue in an episode of MarieTV’s Q & A Tuesday’s.  Marie offers some excellent advice in typical “Marie” style (which includes a healthy dose of flavor, humor and sass) that will help you to get motivated to get back in the saddle when you’re stuck in a rut.

MarieTV:  How to Get Motivated When You’re Stuck In a Rut

From the video, here is a list of Marie’s 4 Steps to help get you unstuck.

1.       Be Honest.

**Don’t hide your true feelings and pretend everything is OK.  Be honest and truthful with yourself and the people close to you.

**You are not a “Debbie Downer” or burden, especially if you stick to the facts and don’t go into victim mode.

2.       Get out and be around people.

**Make plans, fill up your calendar and be around people.  Hiding from people will just keep you stuck in your rut.

**Don’t bail on your social life – it’s important for your emotional health.

3.       Take action!

**Do something about it!  Read an inspirational book, take a personal development workshop, perhaps see a therapist or even have your health checked.

**You NEED to get out.  Don’t hide from the world or wallow.

**Get things done.  Start with one small thing, even if you think it is completely unrelated to the bigger problem such as calling a friend back or cleaning out a drawer.  Completing simple tasks will help to motivate and inspire you because you will see things starting to get accomplished.

4.       Forget about waiting for motivation, Take charge!

**Happy, productive people don’t wait for motivation they just “get on with it.”

**Use Marie’s “Bring the Party” technique!  You will be amazed by the positive effect this approach will have on all areas of your life.

Marie shares the following inspirational quote in her video:

“Losers wait for motivation.  Winners just get Sh*t done.”

In typical “Marie” candor this quote is blunt, without reservation, and is as downright honest as my eyes are blue.  (Which reminds me that I need to get my butt in gear and get a head shot submitted so you all can see that yes, my eyes are definitely blue…)  When you are stuck in a funk it is important NOT to dwell on the negative.  While it may not feel like it today, this too shall pass.  Remember to focus on what you CAN do!

Be honest with yourself about what it is that you are feeling and also why you’re feeling it.  The “what” and “why” of any situation are always key to examine, especially when a change needs to happen.  If it’s clear that something has got to give, acknowledge it.  Acknowledgment is an important step towards boarding the train that will take you the heck out of Funkytown!  Once you make that acknowledgement it’s time to give yourself permission to take action and seek out what it is that YOU need to do to help you move forward into a happier and more productive state.  Look for fun, engaging and interesting activities that are not necessarily business related.  Stepping outside of the “24/7 all work and no play” box will help to re-energize and rejuvenate your body and mind.  And remember, it is important to reach out to friends and loved ones for support while you work on recharging your inner superwoman.

We can all benefit from learning how to create our own sunshine.

Marie Forleo is a best-selling author, speaker, web TV host, and trainer in personal development, entrepreneurship and marketing.  Her company focuses on creating entrepreneurship and personal development training.  Marie’s best selling book “Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!” is published by McGraw-Hill in 11 languages.  For more information about Marie please check out her website at

Shannon Lauzon is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of Pragmatic Approach, a boutique small business development, strategic planning and social media marketing firm located in Southwestern Ontario. Pragmatic Approach’s mission is to provide purposeful, solution-focused consulting to entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout all stages of their business life cycle.
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