Tell All With Your Work Space

Karen K

Your business interior should be a direct reflection of your corporate brand. Whether you work from home, a corporate office or a retail space, and, whether or not you have clients coming directly to your space, the environment you work in should tell your story. It will keep you in a positive, focused head-space to stay creative.

The investment in your corporate branding – logo, business cards, promotional materials – must be consistent with the presentation of your business setting. We’ll look at a few here.

Colour – one of my favourite subjects! Space colour is a background to profile your business. If your space merchandises products then a neutral colour is often the way to go for walls, flooring and display units; if your business is a service then work with the colours from your logo – it might be a tint or a shade of one of the colours in it or a complementary colour – make sure you feel good surrounded by that colour.

Space planning  Obviously every business has different function, furnishings, and fixture requirements. Let’s focus on the core work space for the administrative side of things – your desk or workcounter.  Hopefully you are able to devote a specific space – this is step one in terms of being focused. Step two would be make sure the surface you are using makes you feel comfortable – not only in the function capabilities but in terms of aesthetics.

For instance I tend to work in a contemporary style so my desk surface is a crisp white narrow desk with minimal detail and two small pencil drawers. This type of space reminds me to keep things orderly (with the flow of paper work required sometimes a real challenge!), the white provides a blank canvas for me when pulling schemes together with colours, textures and style.

In a corporate environment you may choose to work with casegoods that are reflective of your business (if you have the option make sure it is reflective of you!). In an executive office reflecting a “corporate” business the furniture may need to be very formal however the colour can project what you need to say – warm gold-tone woods or cool gray finishes say two very different things about you and about the business. Determine what best suits and make a statement!

Feed your creative soul.

Details in design are critical to reflecting your brand. Surround yourself or profile items in your space that tell your story and inspire you. This might be books displayed on your desktop, art on the walls, or a little vignette of products that you particularly like to sell. By keeping these items in your line of vision it will remind you of the value of your service or business and likely unleash your sales-guru, and, let’s face it – we are all in sales.

From network to new work

Our logo, the business card and our personal presentation start the branding experience for your company. Doesn’t it make sense that if the person your networking with has an interest they will also have an expectation of your space?

Enjoy your space, have fun with it and keep it sexy!

Karen Klucowicz is the lead designer with Erotica Interiors Inc. – a full service design studio that helps bring peoples’ passions alive through interior design – creating sexy private or commercial spaces.  Connect with Karen via or on Facebook  or on  twitter

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