Summer Do’s For The Perfect Workspace


Summer is the perfect season to edit spaces. In doing so we keep it feeling fresh, clean and cool. The same should be done with our work-space.

Take a good look around the area that you are working in. Are you walking around things, moving one pile from area to area? Is there too much furniture in the space, too many trinkets, too much paper? De-clutter table tops. Clearing away excess items will give the space an instant lift. Take some time to evaluate what you really need to have around you to accomplish your tasks.

Pay attention to the colours in your space. Working with your corporate colours in the interior, analyze how it relates to summer! If you need to throw in some white to cool the colours down – do so! or add a complementary colour to make your logo pop.  A little bling and sparkle will keep the space bright – cool blue glass to hold pens, a lime green plant holder, a simple crystal vase (and of course indulge in flowers!).

Bring a bit of the exterior in to the interior — be mindful of the spaces that lead directly outside. Bring some of the colours from outside to inside. This might be as simple as a landscape photo, a plant or the colour of files you use! You won’t feel as confined, restricted and desk-bound.

If (like me) you need to have many of the things you’re working on at hand, try to contain them in file folders, envelopes, boxes. Then neatly organize them on a side credenza or perhaps a wall file holder/shelf. They are still accessible but away from your immediate work.

Your immediate work space should have just what you’re working on (oh and I must have a little notebook as I’m forever entering new passwords when sourcing or a phone call comes in and I jot notes). Clear off as much as the surface as possible – this doesn’t mean it has to be sterile and empty. You may be able to clear it enough to accommodate a beautiful plant – a nice visual rest point in the space where paper seems to gather.

The space surrounding your work-surface also needs to be cleared up. If you have too many pieces of furniture around – take some away. Open the space up, be sure your walking path is always clear and your project items accessible.

Meeting spaces should also be clutter-free. Keep the focus on the people, the interaction and the presentation at hand. The boardroom shown here demonstrates simplicity and attention requirements for this space.

Change your light-bulbs to a cool day white – definitely more seasonal and easier to work in.

Experience the many benefits to clearing a desk, tidying a bookshelf, filing paperwork and enjoying the luxury of free space. It will energize you and allow your creative to surface more quickly.

Enjoy the season and challenge yourself to be comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside!

Karen Klucowicz is the lead designer with Erotica Interiors Inc. – a full service design studio that helps bring peoples’ passions alive through interior design – creating sensual private or commercial spaces. 

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