Life Happens…Again


Do you ever feel that the road you are on is filled with twists and turns? Sometimes the turns are so sharp that I feel like I am about to run off the road.  A little like Wile E. Coyote (from the Road Runner cartoons); I swing and teeter off the edge and somehow get sucked back onto the road, find my balance and keep moving forward.

Our lives are filled with moments of joy, anger, anxiety and every other emotion.  We weather these difficult moments and fill ourselves and try to extend the times of great joy and delight. I urge you to think about your last 5 years and the greatest memories as well as the most turbulent moments.  I call the harsh times moments because I choose to believe that this how long they are going to be around!

So what do we do when life gets “hard”?  In the last 10 years I have watched my father become increasing ill, I have seen my children in great sadness and misery, cried along with family who have lost loved one, started my own business and started dating again.  I have felt the pressure, anxiety, sadness, anger, fear and emotional pain of those I cared for and my own.

And here I am…still!  So how do we move forward everyday when times are difficult?

  1.  Take things one day at a time – each day choose one small task that will give you joy. Take a walk, call a friend, or read a comforting book.
  2. Allow yourself to be less perfect – know that you are not meant to resolve everyone else’s problems.  You can support and love others and you need to focus on your positivity.
  3. Choose positive people to be around – it is infectious to be around positivity. We take in the warmth and happiness from other.
  4. Think about volunteering – there is always someone who needs help.  It can be a simple as taking a neighbour for groceries or cutting their lawn.
  5. Stay healthy – You need your sleep to help you think more clearly.  You need regular meals to give you the energy to make decisions. Try and practice relaxation techniques.

Find method to assist you in dealing with the stresses and change of everyday life.  If you have trouble, then look for help.  There are many of us who work with clients in all areas of need and we want to see you get to your best.  We assist in teaching coping skills and mechanisms to move your mind to “I can”.

I am in a joyful time.  My daughter is getting married and our family dynamics will change …Again! But I am very much going to enjoy and live in this joyful moment for these times help me weather the storms.

Anna Ottaviani is a Board Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Master Coach, Board Certified Master Hypnotherapist,Creating Your Future® , Time Line® Therapist Practitioner and Reiki Master. Her methods are unique and tailored to each individual client. She can be reached at or by phone at 289-221-5772. You can follow her on Facebook at


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