What Will Linkedin Do For You?

Kerry George (1)

There are a lot of places that a business owner should be found online but LinkedIn needs to be your highest priority. Why? Because it brings you new relationships, revenue, and referrals.

These days when someone finds your company online they quickly look over the website then they look to see who the owners and the leaders are within the organization. Next step for them is to google those people. Guess what comes up on page 1 of Google when they punch in your name? Nothing if you have not developed your social media profiles. Other people if your name is common. Bad reviews if you have not been monitoring the airwaves.Does that sound good to you?

There is a simple way of fixing those problems. Write content and start with your LinkedIn profile. It is an easy and free way to be sure they are really looking at you. Then the thing that comes up when they google your name is your phenomenal LinkedIn profile with your great story all about what you do.

Today business owners, entrepreneurs, salespeople, employees, and professionals of all kinds are getting on LinkedIn. The group interactions are stimulating and education for you in your field. You will make new connections that can lead to business and by putting a good photo of yourself on your profile you are giving yourself face recognition in public. When people meet you in person they feel that they already know you and they are more ready to do business right away.

The more you develop your profile and engage with others the more business you will get from LinkedIn. Patience is the key. Many people stop when they don’t get immediate business but they have not invested enough time into the process or they have been doing it wrong. If you are consistent in your posting and if you have put your contact information with your story in your summary you will eventually start making the connections that you need to make. They will call you or email you directly with offers and opportunities. Some of these offers may be their own sales pitches but others are questions about your service. Meet them for a coffee or have a Skype meeting. Keep your mind open and the benefits begin to grow.

Over time referrals also happen. Someone reads your profile and they never use your service. Yet, when a friend asks them if they know someone in your industry they feel like they know you. It is the strangest and most wonderful thing. You will get a call asking for your service because someone gave you a raving review and you have never even met that person!

Whether you have a business to business offering or if your market is primarily the end consumer you need to be on LinkedIn. More and more it is where the business is.


Kerry George is the owner of the Canadian Imperial Business Network which is currently the largest business network in Alberta and rapidly expanding across the country. She is a serial entrepreneur/author and speaker with a zest for life and a passion to help others succeed in increasing their potential and their bottom line. Kerry has several publications and blogs that you can follow and welcomes most interaction online.











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