Warm Up To The Cold

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As winter approaches we all want our spaces to feel cozy and warm. Employ simple ideas to achieve this. The principles apply to work or residential spaces.

If your space is relatively neutral or decorated in cool colours (blues/greens) then add heat with accent pieces in warm colours (oranges/yellows/reds). Assess the textures in your space – if you have crisp cottons/linens and many hard surfaces, then add soft fabrics like chenille, velvet or fleece with throws, cushions or table coverings. If your space is already quite soft, increase the natural elements in the space (i.e. wooden bowls,plants,table covers).  Layer the softness – don’t be afraid to combine textures – put a faux fur throw on a chenille sofa, add velvet cushions (who says our work space can’t have fun items in them?).

When you look around your space you’ll see that you can change things quite easily. Here are a few suggested items to work with:  accent cushions, scatter and/or area rugs – layer an area rug on top of an existing one or on top of your broadloom; add throws to the sofa and chairs; create vignettes of items – include candles or items in natural materials like wooden vases; bathrooms- set out the large fluffy towels – add one in a contrast colour to the set (in warm tones). Put an accent piece of fabric with the window treatment, bring in a plant or vase of flowers (artificial or real!) use a soft and fluffy Flokati scatter mat! Consider a runner or area carpet over ceramic flooring, bring a few wooden pieces to the area and candles! At home pay special attention to your bedroom space – change the duvet and window treatments to augment the season; add large overstuffed toss cushions to the bed for a luxurious, soft and warm feeling, work with accent carpets, table covers – you can even change the shades on your lamps!

While warming the interior up with soft fabrics and hot colours – don’t forget that with long dark days you’ll need a bit of brightness here and there. Change the colour of your light bulbs to daylight for active areas. Have several glass items around – vases, candle holders, glossy ceramics – they’ll sparkle, catch and reflect the light for you.


These are just a few of the examples of how you can freshen up your interior to enjoy the season!


Karen Klucowicz is the lead designer with Erotica Interiors Inc. – a full service design studio that helps bring peoples’ passions alive through interior design – creating sensual private or commercial spaces. 

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