10 Blog Tricks to Increase Holiday Sales


We are now in the 2013 Holiday Season and many small businesses want to know how to increase sales without increasing the budget.  You can use your blog to help increase sales with these 10 easy tricks.

 1. Create A Holiday Promotion

Choose a service or product and offer a holiday promotion. You can rebrand the name to include a holiday keyword such as “Christmas SEO Savings”.  Then you may offer a discount to sweeten the deal.

 2. Give back

Create a promotion where you donate a certain percentage of sales to a local charity, like Big Brothers. Everyone likes to give back, so make it easy for your customers to do so. For your holiday charity promotion you can specify all product sales or a specific product and kickoff with an awesome blog post. Also try to get the charity on board as well.

 3. Add a Call to Action to Your Blog Posts

You are already adding a call to action to your blog post now do it with “Holiday Cheer”. At this time of year your focus is increasing sales so make sure your call to action reflects that: “Buy this Gadget this Holiday Season”

 4. Link to Product Pages in Your Blog Posts

This is a great way to showcase benefits of your product or service then link to the page.

 5. Holiday Upsells

Consider offering a promotion where a customer receives a gift card in addition to a certain order price. A great way to get customers to come back for example is if a customer spends $50, they receive a $5 gift card. You can add value with an add-on bonus service with purchase. Or go the traditional route and show what products can be purchased together even offer holiday bundle discounts.

 6. Create A Shopping List Post

This is a great opportunity to provide a how-to post and link to your product / service pages. Try to get them to see the expanse of your offerings and be able to purchase all they need from you.

7. Feature blog content on your website product pages.

If you have created product related blog post why not add a short excerpt on your product page that links back to it. This is a great opportunity to showcase your product knowledge.

 8. Create Urgency

Create a time-limited promotion and use your blog to get the details out. You can also place a countdown on your landing pages and homepage that indicates how many days are left until important holidays or the end of the promotion.

9. Decorate Your Blog

Add “Holiday Cheer” to your blog such as Christmas lights, holly etc. Be sure to set a date as a deadline to have your holiday design changes removed from your site.

10. Use Social Media

Don’t forget to use social media to spread “Seasons Greetings” and promote your holiday promotions.

It’s very easy to use your blog to increase sales this holiday season. Plan your sales objective for the holiday season and let your blog help you do the work and make it a success. Happy Holidays!

Dwainia Grey is an online marketer at Awesome Biz Online. She creates awesome websites and blogs for businesses as well as working with
companies to optimize their websites with Search Engine Optimization and Social Media. She can be reached at Awesome Biz Online or by phone at 647-799-1090 x 104. You a can also follow her on Facebook to get the latest on online marketing.

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