Mind Your Own Business. The Best Advice You Will Ever Get.


I know, it sounds a little rude and at times somewhat arrogant.  I’m sure you’ve had it said to you or overheard it in conversations in earshot. “Mind your own business” If you’re like me, you probably responded or thought, “Excuse me?” The statement has a sting to it that truly takes a bite at your ego and may cause you to act negatively towards the person delivering it.

But if you take a step back, and remove it from the personal arena,” Mind your Own Business” is one of the most valuable piece of advice you will ever receive, especially in business.  If you think about it, you are in business, your business.  Shouldn’t you be minding it?  Putting all your focus and energy into it?

It’s actually a positive rather than a negative. Too often, small business owners like you and I are so caught up looking into the competition that we lose sight of our own.  It’s one thing to research to understand your competition.  I mean, you have to know what they are doing in order to formulate your strategies to corner your place in the market, but you have to avoid getting blindsided.  Nothing requires more attention than your business.   To ensure you put this advice to good use follow these simple rules:

  1. Be Organized—is essential to everything.  Put things in perspective. Keep things in order. Know who the players are. Know where you need to be.  Keep a master TO DO list. Delegate. Designate.
  2. Keep Focused—your business is your focus.  Everything you do and say and breath is your business.  Don’t allow distractions (especially negative ones) at home, in business, or at play.
  3. Stick to the Plan—go to your business plan often, as a reminder, as a check-point, as a gauge.  Pinpoint where you are at and where you a going.  Update regularly as business develops.
  4. Follow Up—with leads, opportunities, people, places and things.
  5. Network Outside your Industry—so important.  Some of your best contact and creative ideas may very well be just outside your industry.  Take your observations and knowledge and bring it back to your business to see how you can enhance and improve.
  6. Learn to say NO—don’t be a “yes-preneur”. Being able to say NO allows you to weed out people, place and things that may lead you away from your business.
  7. Remember Why—Remember why you started your business. Your vision. Your mission. Your goals. Your Life.
  8. Ask for help—you cannot do this alone because entrepreneurship can be lonely.  Gather the troops and ask for their help and support.
  9. Grow with It—your business is not what it was the day you started it. As your business grows you have to grow with it.  Learn what works and what doesn’t and understand why.
  10. Go with your Gut—it rarely fails. It’s usually right. It keeps you accountable and responsible. Your head and your heart can often lie, but your gut never lies.

The next time someone tells you  to “Mind your own business”, simply reply “Thanks, I think I will”.


Rose Nixon, is Your “Anything” Organizer, Chief Professional Organizer and Principal Owner of ReallyOrganizedNow(RON), A Professional organizing company that brings Mindful Solutions for Stress-Less Living.  Rose knows that Life can be stressful enough without having the added burden of Disorganization.  Rose also knows that when you’re Organized you Smile more.  You are more pleasant to be around.  You enjoy people, places and things with greater ease, comfort and focus.  Rose helps active women and families find solutions and support to Stress-Less and Live More. She helps them BE ReallyOrganizedNow. Are you ReallyOrganizeNow? 

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