Rose Nixon – Canadian Small Business Woman of the Month of April 2014


“An organized space is a smiling face” is a truth that Rose Nixon holds firmly to. As the Chief Organizer and Principal Owner of ReallyOrganizedNow(RON), a Professional Organizing company, Rose knows firsthand the value of an organized space and the power of a smile. “Helping active women and families become more organized in their daily lives is my mission. Life can be stressful enough without having the added burden of disorganization,” reinforces Rose. Known as Your “Anything” Organizer and the recently named 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year (which she will be awarded at the upcoming Microskills Gala Event on May 29th), Rose shares her knowledge, techniques, tips and mindful solutions with her clients and community. Her services focus on de-cluttering, organizing and staging clients’ home, office and small business spaces for renewed clarity and function making it far more welcoming. Rose also knows that when people are organized they smile more.  They are far more pleasant to be around.  They enjoy their lives with greater ease and comfort. They become much more focused on what’s important.

“Stress-less, live more” is an ideology that Rose believes everyone should aim to do more of. Two and a half years ago Rose was faced with a life-threatening health concern that pushed this ideology to the forefront of her life. “I’ve been working since I’m 19 years old and haven’t stopped. Even when I became a mother, I never stopped. When I was rushed to the ER as a result of much discomfort for several days prior, the news that I had an accumulation of more than a litre of fluid around my heart, was astounding and a huge wake-up call to me. I was lucky to have arrived at the hospital on the day that I did”, Rose recounts. She was lucky to be alive and thankful to have another chance to live life differently. She really had to seriously evaluate what that difference looked like.

Choosing to live her life as simply as possible, Rose began to refocused more on the quality not quantity of her life. So, she began by de-cluttering some of the excesses in her life—people, places, things, thoughts and mindset. Stress is a silent killer. With the increasing demands of work and lifestyle, a growing majority of people, particularly women, are on the receiving end of risky health problems and mental disorders. Rose knew that she had to continue to remain relaxed and really organized in order to maintain her overall health.

A mother of two, now teenaged, boys, Rose had to readjust her focus and align her personal vision with what was truly in her heart—to do something significant with her time and her life. Not wanting to re-enter the world of Payroll, Rose decided to explore some of her other interests and passions. Entrepreneurship was always looming and the time had come to explore it with much more vigor.

Combining her innate abilities in domesticated and corporate office management, her sensibilities in restoring order, educational background in Public Relations and Corporate Communications, and her organizational skills was now taking shape in her new endeavor. She enrolled herself in a business plan development program specifically designed for women with entrepreneurial designs, there she reconfirmed that her ideas for ReallyOrganizedNow was viable as a business. Rose Nixon has the desire to chart herself a new course to success and live a life with purpose.

Rose Nixon is an active volunteer in her community, offering support to several causes and organizations. She is a business owner, newbie blogger and aspiring published author, an ambassador of creative expression and a keen supporter of women in small business.


Our Q & A with Rose Nixon

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes to me from many different sources. As a woman, I am inspired by other women who simply make things happen. They push for change. They use their creativity and ingenuity to provoke innovation that improves the quality and well being humanity. As an entrepreneur I am inspired by women and men that took NO and turned it into YES through sheer determination and belief that all things are possible. As a person, I am inspired by my children. My life’s interaction with them teaches me that I am capable of far more than I realize.


As a small business owner, what achievements make you most proud?

My proudest achievements thus far are first and foremost that I have embarked on this adventure and still holding true my vision that organized living is a change maker in living better. My nomination of Microskills 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year Award is another. It is an honour to be considered but it is also an honour to be an award recipient. My appearance on DayTime Toronto highlighting the Basics of Organizing; My The presence of my business on social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin; The growth of my networking community; and my valuable volunteer participation in many community organizations—YWCA, Luminato, CSBW. All of these interactions are motivation to keep active in my pursuit to establishing ReallyOrganizedNow as a well-respected business.

 What advice would you give to other aspiring small business owners?

My advice to aspiring small business owners: Go for it! Be patient. Enjoy the process. Keeponsmilin’!

 What new things can we look forward to from your business in the upcoming year?

In the upcoming year, I’m looking to continue taking my business to the next level. I am currently working on a fully functioning website, the development of a radio/TV blog show, becoming an event sponsor, establishing some B2B partnerships, more media exposure, hosting a variety of self-help workshops focused on the principals of organizing and mindful solutions for our living spaces and continuing to involvement in volunteer projects within the community.


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One thought on “Rose Nixon – Canadian Small Business Woman of the Month of April 2014

  1. Delia@eosgrafx says:

    How wonderful. Congrats Rose, I’m very happy for you!

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