How to Get Good Online Reviews


Online Reputation Management is not only about monitoring your online reputation it is also about soliciting reviews.

Below are some surefire ways to get people talking about you online.


If someone says something nice about you, your employees, your products / services or your company ask them for permission to use it in your marketing.


As part of your sales process you should always ask for customer testimonials / feedback. Get your customers to write testimonials you can use on your website and other marketing materials, then ask if they would write a Google+ review.

Review Sites

Point potential customers to check out your review site profiles. Even before you start working let customers know that it’s part of your process to get customers to post reviews – this gets them in the proper mindset. When the work is completed don’t forget to ask them to write a review.


Depending on your type of business you can use promotions to solicit feedback. A restaurant could offer 10% off your next visit after you post a review.  (Please note it is unethical to buy reviews and most review sites will remove paid reviews. However offering a discount to get any feedback good or bad is allowed.)


You can send an email to satisfied customers to “Spread the Word” after your work is complete that will ask for a testimonial and a Google+ review.


Have a dedicated page on your website for customer reviews / testimonials. Also make it easy for people to leave reviews either by email or via a form.

Be active in your Online Reputation Management and solicit reviews.

Dwainia Grey is an online marketer at Awesome Biz Online. She creates
awesome websites and blogs for businesses as well as working with
companies to optimize their websites with Search Engine Optimization and
Social Media. She can be reached at Awesome Biz Online or by phone at 647-799-1090 x 104. You a can also follow her on Facebook to get the latest on online marketing.

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