CO-WORKING: A Solution for “Cabin Fever” Entrepreneurs


Up and running, but feeling a little squeezed out of space and time and human interaction working solo from the confines of a small room, basement, or kitchen table of your residence?  Are you feeling like a case of “cabin fever”? You are not alone.  An all too familiar territory for so many home-based small business operator.   But, many solo-preneurs are finding solutions to this problem by looking to the growing trend of Co-Working spaces opening up all across their cities.  Here are 8 Reasons Why Co-Working is A Solution for “Cabin Fever” Entrepreneurs:

  1.   Entrepreneurs, especially those working from home, find the sound of their own breathing quite deafening and over time can kill the level of enthusiasm and motivation required to run a business.  The isolation and silo-effect that often comes with the territory is a challenge for many.  The co-working experience can infuse much needed energy and action.  Human interaction, stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing unplanned opportunities are sometime all that’s needed to rid that stagnant, unproductive feeling.
  2.    It’s amazing how much more you can accomplish when you are not distracted by personal phone calls, interruptions from kids and/or spouses or the clamour of visual clutter in your home settings.  Home-based entrepreneurs find this particularly challenging.  The co-working experience offers independent  business people the opportunity to gain better organizational habits, regain focus and stay organized.
  3.   Your opportunity to network and build present and future connections is now ever-present.  You have just multiplied your business presence tenfold.  Co-working environments are an excellent breeding ground for collaboration of all kinds.  It is often something nurtured by groups and sub groups of entrepreneurs that have complementary skills, experience and resource.  This can be  invaluable when you are just getting started and needing to now create your own networking circles.

GUILT FREE.  You can avoid much of the guilt that goes with spending your 8 plus hours of a workday in the mocha scented havens of your nearby coffee shop.  Although, you are offered free Wi-Fi and little pressure to “move on” so other patrons can get their “fill on”, you are often left feeling guilty for taking up so much time and space, especially when you haven’t made a purchase.  So, you feel the pressure and head to the barista to place your order of a piping hot tall one.

OFFICE OFFICIAL.  Co-working spaces vary from space to space.  But, a common theme to most is the open-concept combination of casually home but officially business, meaning there may be lounging areas, a common eating/kitchen space alongside the far more official looking a conference room and walled offices for those needing more privacy and structure.  For some of entrepreneurs, although we love the idea of working from home and have the entrepreneurial freedom to “work from anywhere” stationed in our minds, the reality is that your space may not be large enough to designate an office that is distinct from the rest of your residential quarters.  For others it may be a case that their business is mobile and allows for a lot of travel, so the co-working option gives them an official home base wherein they can forward their mail and meeting clients.

  1.  As much as we like to think that working from home gives us the comfort to roam as we will in our PJs and sweats, we are often uneasy by the discomfort of having to meet up with a client and risk appearing a little less professional we operate from the sidearm of our loveseats or kitchen tables.  A co-working space can lend some credibility to your business profile and give a far more professional image.  Now this does not mean that all businesses have to perform at the standardized level of office-desk-chair, which is what many clients are used to, but for many, having an office-type environment to welcome and engage the public is the best choice.  A neutral meeting place in no way infringes on the privacy of your home. You may need to “meet your clients where they are” meaning, they may not be as comfortable in your armchair as they might be in a chair that swivels.

COMMON GROUND.  Co-working spaces continues to be a growing trend, with spaces popping up everywhere in all major cities across Canada.  Many of these environments have catered its quarters to  -Preneurs of every kind.  There you will find people with similar businesses, common visions, and complimentary services.  Some are niche-focused, for example, co-working spaces with daycare facilities.  Look around and find some common ground.  Find a co-working organization that is tailored to your specific needs.

COMMUNITY.  The water cooler is alive and well, even in this electronic world of text messages and emails.  A great stress reliever are the benefits of not-so-mindless chit-chat and where better to do that than around the proverbial “water cooler”.  Social engagement face-to-face will never get old, whether in the lunchroom, common area, over lunch at the neighbourhood hotspot, engaging in that day’s events, latest celeb gossip, or sports scores can truly rejuvenate your creative flow, can put you in a better, more positive mood.  You can regain focus and creativity.

As an entrepreneur and owner of a home based business, I currently have an opportunity to engage with a co-working organization right here in Toronto.  Camaraderie Co-Working is a membership based organization of entrepreneurs offering office and event space, private offices, boardroom, networking, peer support, community and camaraderie.  Camaraderie ( is a member of CoworkingTorontoCoworkingOntario, and CoworkingCanada. Co-working is a solution to Work close to home but not at home”.  Find a co-working arrangement that works for you.


Rose Nixon, is Your “Anything” Organizer, Chief Professional Organizer and Principal Owner of ReallyOrganizedNow(RON), A Professional organizing company that brings Mindful Solutions for Stress-Less Living.  Rose knows that Life can be stressful enough without having the added burden of Disorganization.  Rose also knows that when you’re Organized you Smile more.  You are more pleasant to be around.  You enjoy people, places and things with greater ease, comfort and focus.  Rose helps active women and families find solutions and support to Stress-Less and Live More. She helps them BE ReallyOrganizedNow. Are you ReallyOrganizeNow?  Rose Nixon is the is an active volunteer in her community, offering support to several causes and organizations.  She is a business owner, aspiring blogger and author, and an ambassador of creative expression. 

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