Solopreneurship: reality or illusion?


I’ve heard the term solopreneur used quite a lot recently, and there was a time when I identified with it.  I am, after all, doing my business solo, am I not?  What I am now realizing is that just because I’m the sole owner of the business, it doesn’t mean that I’m really doing it “on my own”.

Whether it’s the business coaches I’ve worked with, colleagues I’ve masterminded with or the team that I worked with to have my logo designed, there is no way I can say that this has been a solo endeavour.  Not to mention the love and support of friends and family along the way!  My first workshop, ice storm ridden book launch parties and even my very first client wouldn’t have been possible without my support network.

When you don’t have regular employees, it can be very easy to feel isolated and have the mistaken belief that you have to figure out everything on your own, but this isn’t the case.  I know from personal experience that it isn’t always easy to ask for help.  Many of us consider reaching out to others to be a sign of weakness, but this isn’t true at all.  The truth of the matter is that it is impossible to know everything there is to know about your business, never mind be capable of doing it all!

We need to be honest with ourselves about what our strengths and weaknesses are, as well as be aware of what activities generate revenue and those that don’t.  You don’t want to be spending your time doing things you find difficult or challenging if it’s not making you any money!  Hire people to do the things that aren’t revenue generators and focus your time and energy on making that money!

As entrepreneurs and small business owners we can fall into the trap of believing that we’re saving money by doing everything on our own, but that isn’t necessarily the case.  We can be missing out on the opportunity to generate significantly more revenue in our businesses if we focus our energy on doing what we do best and hire others to do the same for us.  Being the sole owner of a business doesn’t mean that we have to do it all on our own.  It means that we must be willing and able to build a team we trust and delegate as needed so that we can provide the best service to our clients!

Sandra Dawes is a certified life coach specializing in helping women who feel unfulfilled with their 9-5 follow their dreams and pursue their passions. She holds an Honours BA, an MBA as well as a certificate in Dispute Resolution.She has completed her first book,Embrace Your Destiny: 12 Steps to Living the Life You Deserve!


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