Michelle Herscu: Canadian Small Business Woman of the Month of August 2014

Michelle Herscu

The Woman

My name is Michelle Herscu from Vaughan, ON, Canada; A wife and a mother of two adorable young kids.

As an Economist, I always pursued a career in the financial industry, but deep in my heart I’ve always had a passion for fashion and I knew I wanted to have my own business one day.

Apricot Collection was founded in late 2012 by Michelle Herscu, just after having my second child. I really struggled to find pieces that would look good on me and accentuate my natural body type features; plus, handling two kids instead of one meant a lot less time to actually go look for pieces. I just couldn’t find enough styles that actually looked good on me (and not just on the model from the ad), complimented, and were stylish and fashionable.

The Company

At Apricot Collection, we understand that in today’s modern world, a woman has many roles: she can be a mom, a wife, a girlfriend and a career woman all at once. We know how hard and frustrating it can be to shop for all these roles at one location with a limited time frame.

For these reasons we are constantly looking for the best outfit combinations. Basically, it all comes down to transforming from work to home to a night out. And we know; you want and deserve to look amazing all the time.

All our pieces are hand-picked, and the carried lines are designed in North America and Europe.

We offer ongoing promotions and sales and constantly work towards increasing our clothing variety and currently offer sizes xsmall-3x.

Our company is based in Ontario, Canada.

Their Mission

To answer an increasing demand for busy moms to find clothes that actually fit, flatter and make them look stylish and fashionable. Our collection can easily be transformed from 9-5 and beyond with each piece being unique and affordable.

The Result

I decided to create an online women’s clothing store (targeted towards moms in particular). Why online? So that I could reach as many women as possible and help them look good any time, any day!

With the help of a few other strong minded, independent women (one of them being a guest stylist on the morning show, CityLine, Ms. Ashleigh Scott), the mission is to assist all moms out there to look fabulous 24/7, whether they’re an xsmall or a 3x.

Please be sure to take advantage of our amazing filter options. You can look for items based on your body type, size, preferred color, price or brand name.

We’re here to help and can be reached by phone, chat or email.

From Apricot with ❤


*What inspires you?

What inspires me most are Super Women. Women who like taking care of themselves, work hard, exercise, eat healthy, in control, positive, take care of their family and look amazing all the time.

*As a small business owner, what achievements make you most proud?

As a small business owner, the achievements that make me the most proud are getting a good feedback / review from my customers. Seeing them smile in a picture while wearing our collection and letting me know how much they enjoy it, makes me very happy. That’s when I know I’ve made the right choices with our unique pieces. Furthermore, despite the fact Apricot Collection is targeted mainly towards young moms who like to be stylish and fashionable, a big success and source of pride for me, is when I know I’ve dressed 20 year olds and ladies up to 65+. Isn’t that amazing?

*What advice would you give to other aspiring small business owners?

The advice I would give to other aspiring business owners is: just do it! Always surround yourself with positive, like-minded people. People who will lift your spirits up and who can give you solid advice. Don’t listen to people who don’t have experience or even to people who do have experience but in other areas. Invest in yourself and your education. Always make sure to learn new things related to the field you’re trying to make money in. Attend seminars, listen to webinars, read material and make sure to grow. Every single day. Last thing – enjoy. If you’ve decided to take that leap of faith and start your own business, make sure it’s something you love and enjoy doing.

*What new things can we look forward to from your business in the upcoming year?

The new things expected from Apricot Collection in the upcoming year are:

– new collections – we have new items uploaded to our website a few times a year. Since we are in the fashion business, this happens on an ongoing basis as we have to be creative and advanced.

– We’re working on a special loyalty plan for our customers.

– We’re also working on a special payment plan to offer customers to help them with bigger purchases.

– Collaborations between Apricot Collection and other big retailers in the beauty industry.

You can reach Michelle at http://www.apricot-collection.com or at 1-866-732-2737

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