The other day I was speaking with a friend I had not seen in over a year and we got to talking about kids, family, marriage and finally work.  She asked me if I was enjoying my work after having had a great career in film and tv.  She had been working in the same job for the last 18 years and while she was building up a great pension, she had lost the passion for what she was doing and needed a change of life, so to speak!

Personally, I never thought after working in film and television that I would find something that had made me as happy as I was then – but I was wrong!  I am absolutely loving what I do now and I will give you the same reasons I outlined for her.

I get to meet new people every day that need solutions to their current problems. For instance, perhaps it’s the clients, who were facing a possible bankruptcy and I was able to come up with a solution for them, which helped them avoid the bankruptcy, refinance their current mortgage and see a way to the future with one payment instead of 10 separate payments with all of their debts; or it was the client who had 10 days to close on an investment purchase or be liable to be sued by the seller and I was able to get them a mortgage that the bank turned them down for and add to their investment portfolio.;  or it could be the client, who came to me after approaching the bank and two other seasoned brokers because her case would have proven to be difficult – which it was – and I was able to get her out of her 7% – 1st mortgage, her 14% – 2nd mortgage and her $100K in debts and in the end got her a 4.7%- 1st mortgage for 80% LTV that helped her save her sanity and got her out of debt.  She has now been able to follow her life-long dreams of becoming a drug counsellor because of the amount of money she was now saving, which was put to further education for her degree.

These are the stories that keep me going every day!

Another reason I love this career is that I get to put the same tactics for lack of a better word, that I used in film and tv to each mortgage case and/or client.  What do I mean? – well for instance, with every film or tv project that I was producing and/or production managing, I would start with a budget – I do the same for each client as I want to see where I can save them money.  Next I would look at what each project needed – everything from casting, wardrobe, sets, etc.  I do the same with a mortgage – what does the client need? Is it s a straight refinance, purchase or debt consolidation?

Each mortgage is different and the parameters are never the same –if we treated each mortgage and/or client like a one-size fits’ all situation, not only would we be failing as mortgage agents, but we would end up failing our clients as well.  Being able to use the same “out of the box” thinking that I was able to use in my previous career, keeps me waking up every day with a smile on my face, ready to welcome any challenge presented to me.

Have I found passion in what I do? Absolutely and I am greatful for this new-found passion everyday!


To your wealth!


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