Ingredients for a shareable social media image


Images rule the social media landscape. Photos are shared 128% more than even video. So if you’re not using images in your daily social media marketing, it’s time to start. Creating visual content for your Facebook page or Twitter feed can be tricky. You want to capture your audience’s attention, while staying true to your voice and message. You want to entertain your followers but still give them something of unique value. How do you do all of this, and make an image that is shareable? Here a few key ingredients you should include in your image design.

Choose a good photograph

This one seems obvious, but many people are not sure what constitutes a good image. Simple aesthetics, clean patterns, intense colors, landscapes and pictures with lots of depth and light all make for shareable photos. Good images should be clear and crisp, in focus and adhere to the rule of thirds. Avoid images that are cluttered, poor quality or too bright or dark.

Photos of human interaction and emotion can be powerful storytelling tools. Animals are also great, but be sure that they fit your brand and messaging. Don’t just use an image because it’s popular. Stay true to who you are – that’s what your followers are expecting!

Use clear, easy to read text

Quotes, advice, stats or statements on photos are a popular and highly shareable trend. If you use text on your image make sure that it can be read! Use easy to read fonts and ensure that the text stands out from the background using a contrasting colour, a grey box or a text shadow. Constant Contact’s blog has some great advice on this subject.

Make sure that the text you use is short. Too much text takes away from the image. Always be sure to spell-check and proof your work before you post. Errors can make your followers question your credibility.

Brand your image

Be sure that your images fit with the look and feel of your brand. Standard colours and fonts ensure that your marketing materials look alike across different platforms for easy brand recognition. Also don’t forget to add your logo!

Include a call to action

Images that have a call to action are more likely to get shared. Use your visuals to tell a story and also point your followers in a direction where they can take action. If the image is of a spring collection of products, make sure that you include a link to where they can buy these products. If you are launching a fundraising campaign make it clear what you want your followers to do: share the image, donate, volunteer, or all three. Always give your followers a way to become more involved.

Evelyn Senyi is the owner and chief marketer for Recurve Marketing, a Toronto-based digital marketing agency that offers creative, effective and affordable marketing strategies for Canadian small businesses and non-profit organizations. Follow Recurve on Twitter @recurve_ca and on Facebook

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2 thoughts on “Ingredients for a shareable social media image

  1. Great tips Evelyn. I always have difficulty knowing which images to use, so this is helpful. Thanks

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