Should I Start A Podcast?


Malene Jorgensen

You may have noticed a spike in podcast shows over the last year, as more entrepreneurs are starting to record shows to expand their personal brands. Many people listen to podcasts to expand their business knowledge, get new ideas and connect with other entrepreneurs.

People start podcasts for various reasons, but many business owners start these shows to promote their respective businesses. For example, if someone is a health coach and advice on personal nutrition, he or she can create a podcast where the discussion will fall on health in various ways.

At the end of the podcast, the business owner can refer to various products or services to get people to go back to the company’s website. While the podcast may not generate money in itself unless there are deals with advertisers, it can be a great marketing tool to push more paying customers.

It is also a great way to self-promote, if the business owner is planning on starting speaking, blogging or being the face of the business.

There are plenty of how-to’s when it comes to starting a podcast online. A simple Google search will give you everything you need.


Malene Jorgensen is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. Jorgensen is passionate about online content, blogging, online business development and e-commerce. She owns an international media publishing company and a design studio. Jorgensen has written several books that are sold in over 50 countries. She is also obsessed with coffee and Twitter. You can reach Malene Jorgensen at Website | LinkedIn | Twitter Instagram


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