Standing Alone


I was about to send some information I stumbled across to a friend that I thought would surely help them with a situation they were experiencing and lift their mood, and just before I hit the send button it occurred to me that I had been doing the same thing for the last couple of years… always quick to send unsolicited tidbits and give advice where I had not been asked even though it was with best intentions.

At the point of hesitation, I felt a nudge (what I call the spirit) say to me ‘sometimes you have to let people help themselves’. In that second I was reminded that if we continue to spoon-feed our kids, friends, colleagues and even clients with the answers and not let them find it for themselves, we rob them of the opportunity to build the required muscles that help them to stand strong and successfully move forward in finding lasting success.

When we take the bold step to find the way and answers we need, we empower ourselves to find true and lasting success. We may struggle, stumble and fall at the beginning, but every fall has the ability to make us stronger as we learn from our mistakes and fail forward!

How do you feel when given unsolicited help or advice? Do you help or give advice without being asked? How do you know when to give unsolicited help or advice or not?

Comment below. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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