How to Focus on the ‘Right’ Ideas in Your Business

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Being a business owner, I suspect you have probably had more than a few ideas for your business. It could be thoughts of how to increase sales, new products or services or even who to partner with. The problem can be when we have too many ideas or don’t know what to focus on, it can become hard to execute on any of them. The following article outlines how to identify what ideas should be your focus, in order to positively impact growth and personal satisfaction within your business.

  1. Notice Patterns

Even if you never wrote any of your ideas down (which I often suggest), likely you will start to notice conceptual repeating patterns if you are aware of this focusing tactic. Patterns in your ideas are anything that has a common thread that ties it all together. For example, if you were a local organization but kept getting ideas about translating your copy, market opportunities overseas and manufacturing prices abroad, this is a pattern. The idea to focus on would be international opportunities. Once you have identified how all of those little ideas fit under the bigger umbrella – it will become a lot easier to focus your energy and attention of where you want to go.

  1. Personal Response

When someone asks you ‘what you do’ at a dinner party, are you excitedly telling them about the core values of your company? Or about the best new piece of software you are using? Or would you rather tell hear about the book that they published? The reason I suggest noticing your personal response is because focusing on what you are intrinsically interested in will hold your attention longer and impact your overall offering far more than doing something just because you ‘should’.  If you find yourself more interested in someone else’s ventures, that is also your queue to see how you can bring the basic concept into your business and make it unique to you.

  1. Feedback

When I say ‘feedback’ – I am not suggesting you do whatever someone else tells you to do. The trick here is to notice what parts of your business your customers and clients comment on as being beneficial to them, and what resonates with you the most. You may find the perfect formula by combining an objective view to your personal opinions. This is an indicator to focus.

  1. Strengths

Ideas that align with your personal strengths are a telltale sign that you may be on the right track. This is not to say that you can’t be a tech mogul if you don’t know how to use drop box…but, you would have to have strengths in delegation (so not to waste your time on things that are in someone else’s zone of genius). More so I suggest focusing on ideas that will allow you to use your experience as a person and as a business owner as well as skills that come naturally to you. Personally, I focused on design aspects of my business because I enjoyed it the most and also had a lifetime of experience with different creative mediums. A weakness of mine is projecting the ‘numbers’ so any ideas that I get about increasing profit margins (for example); I consult with someone who is stronger in that area. This is when to focus on getting help, rather than diving deeper.

As a business owner who works with female entrepreneurs who are often overwhelmed by the amount of ideas they have, I have seen how applying these focusing constructs can work across many different industries. If even one helps you move forward on one idea rather than none than I believe, it was worth it.

Tamara is the owner and designer at ‘Your Pretty Pages’ where she provides templates, planners, guides and resources for creative entrepreneurs to get and stay organized. To support your successful personal business planning, Tamara has just released two savings bundles of templates in her shop found here:

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