Sheri Andrunyk: Canadian Small Business Woman of the Month of May 2015


Sheri believes that we all possess the knowledge of what’s best for our own life and business. She is the catalyst that can (and does) bring those insights to the forefront; especially empowering business owners, entrepreneurs, and authors with vision, wisdom and support.

Upon the release of her first book Hearts Linked By Courage, Sheri expanded her business to share her new knowledge and resources for those embracing the writing and book publishing journey. I C Publishing was officially unveiled in 2011. Since then, Sheri and her virtual team of ten have produced an amazing cross-section of high quality books, including a second of her own called Working From Home & Making It Work© in 2012, and, Do You Have a Book In You? and The All Season Entrepreneur, both due out in 2015.

Over the past thirty years, eleven of which were spent as a successful franchise owner in the beauty industry, Sheri has also had extensive formal training and mentoring in business and direct sales, earning her numerous awards for personal achievement and team development and success.

In addition to working with her author clients, she will always remain passionate about coaching and mentoring business owners and entrepreneurs who are as committed and enthusiastic about work and life as she is. As a coach, mentor, and Master NLP Practitioner, Sheri skilfully guides her clients through many stages of their career, helping to maintain the work/life balance that is best for them… all the while inspiring confidence and providing direction to continually take those next steps in living their ideal life. When assisting clients with marketing projects, Sheri has a unique sense of how best to communicate and express their message, as if they created it themselves. Her extraordinary and obvious passion and expertise in language, communication, and relationships, makes her an invaluable source of support in one’s personal or professional journey.


Our Q & A with Sheri

What inspires you?

Meaningful conversation, ongoing learning, self-awareness and self-growth, kindness and compassion in others, and the way thoughtful words can move us individually, and collectively, to do great things.

‘And a child’s smile, a friendly hug, the adoring love from a pet, and nature.
As a small business owner, what achievements make you most proud?

On a personal note, it would be my beautiful family life and fulfilling marriage of thirty-three years. There are many business accomplishments, big and small, which I am tremendously proud of; however, they pale in comparison to that of creating a work/life dynamic that serves all in my world—personally and professionally.

On a business note, of course, each stage of my career holds its own special memory for me.

At the very beginning of my entrepreneurial path, in my twenties, I was terribly uncomfortable speaking in front of any audience. Over the years I worked on that, and have studied and practiced and learned so much. Suffice to say, I am very much more at ease sharing and delivering on topics that I am knowledgeable and passionate about. In fact, it’s like a calling to me now.

The other intangible that comes to mind is the wisdom I’ve gained over the years, and how I’m able to draw on this, as well as all of my formal training and real life/work experience. It really helps me to understand and relate to others in their journey.

And at the end of the day, if I’ve been able to help someone feel more encouraged, enlightened, and confident in their own abilities . . . and motivated to take their next steps . . . it just doesn’t get much better for me. 

What advice would you give to other aspiring small business owners?

Believe in yourself, your work, and the difference you want to make. Seek out support that elevates you.

When making decisions and planning ahead, do your homework, and ask questions. Once you have thoughtfully gathered important information and resources—check in with yourself—then trust and follow what resonates with “you” most.

Above all, I encourage business owners and entrepreneurs to be present, in the moment as much as possible. Give others your full and kind attention always. And embrace and enjoy each chapter of your life. It goes by so quickly!
What new things can we look forward to from your business in the upcoming year?

The growth of I C Publishing has been so exciting and significant these past few years, I’m simply enjoying the journey at the moment. Yes, I have more specific goals, for sure; however, I am a little less attached to outcomes than I once was. Beyond my daily passion and commitment to serving my growing list of amazing clients, I’m sure I will complete the writing and e-publishing of my next two books, Do You Have a Book in You?, and The All Season Entrepreneur. I look forward to taking on a few additional speaking engagements this year too.

On a personal note perhaps, as my publishing team continues to expand, I will likely get closer and closer to my four-day work week more often. And being just in my early my fifties, it feels so affirming that my hard work is paying off, and I am afforded more choice with my time, along with the chance to spend more of that time with my family.


A little more about I C Publishing:

I C Publishing bridges the gap between self and traditional publishing. In many respects, we’re a one-stop shop offering “customized” high level support and services to busy authors and business owners—including consulting, project management, editing, design, production, social media, fulfilment, and more—a la carte, or in packages depending on our client’s needs and budget. We have a team of ten professionals with different areas of expertise to ensure we have all the bases covered. And we work closely with all of our clients, right from the beginning of their projects to set the pace of our work together, ensuring they have the support and guidance they need to move forward and realize their dreams.

Connect with Sheri:


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