Where’s your focus?


One of my most favourite quotes is by Dr. Wayne Dyer: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. It didn’t always make sense to me, but once I did, I totally got it! When you focus on what’s working, and on your goals, you find opportunities where they once didn’t exist.

As entrepreneurs, it can be challenging to focus on what’s working when there are times when it can feel like very little is. It’s in these times that we have to look at our glass as half full. If we focus on the failures and mistakes, we can be left unmotivated and defeated.

In expressing gratitude for the business we do have, we open ourselves to opportunities to gain more. Staying committed to the end result keeps us motivated to look for ways to make the goal a reality. Focusing on achieving the goal rather than how difficult the journey has been, empowers you to plow through the obstacles.

I know that staying positive gets a lot of slack as being a bit Pollyanna. I think that choosing to be positive is the only choice that makes sense. This isn’t to say that you should celebrate the difficulties you encounter. It just means that instead of letting the disappointment swallow you whole, find the lesson in the experience and move on. Choose to be happy anyway!

I can tell you from experience that persistence pays off. The only way you’re going to persist in the achievement of your goals is if you stay focused on the goal, and not on the past or current negative experiences. Opportunities exist all around us to bring us closer to successfully attaining our goals. When we focus on the wrong things it blinds us to the very things that can bring us out of the fog.

Haven’t you ever experienced moments where it seemed that your life was flowing in complete synchronicity? These things don’t happen when we’re bogged down in negativity. They appear when we’re in a positive mindset, excited about our goal and open to any and all options to bring us closer to its achievement.

In The 5 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey suggests that we begin with the end in mind. Keeping the end in mind is what’s going to give us that staying power regardless of what’s going on around us. Keep your eye on the prize, and it will be yours before you know it!

Sandra Dawes is a certified life coach specializing in helping women who feel unfulfilled with their 9-5 follow their dreams and pursue their passions. She holds an Honours BA, an MBA as well as a certificate in Dispute Resolution.She has completed her first book,Embrace Your Destiny: 12 Steps to Living the Life You Deserve!






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