Investing In Syndicated Mortgages Vs. Rental Properties


Over the past few months I’ve penned a number of articles on this blog looking at the benefits of non-traditional ways to invest equity, namely syndicate mortgages. However, how do you really know when you should be investing equity in syndicate mortgage options, and when it might be best to invest in a more traditional buy and hold property?

Firstly then, any kind of investment needs to be accompanied by solid research. Syndicate mortgages for example, are shied away from sometimes due to perceptions of high risk and insecurity. However, in reality, 90% of people who invest in syndicate mortgages make stable 8-10% returns per annum. Often as well, they profit from 2-4% annual bonuses and 90% of syndicate mortgage investors actually decide to re-invest in syndicate mortgages in the future. The key quite simply, is to do your own research and make sure to have as knowledgeable as possible a mortgage agent on your side. Moreover, this is even more important for people who choose to invest in buy and hold property.

With buy and hold properties for example, risks initially brought to mind when thinking about investing, are associated primarily with property values being at the mercy of volatile financial markets. The ultimate nightmare scenario if you like, is that investment properties might depreciate in value. However, what investors often overlook is the fact that investment properties overall have an average annual vacancy rate of 5%. Likewise, regardless of whether an investment property is tenanted or not, investors are still looking at 8% annual property management and 8% additional maintenance costs.

The key of course is to secure investment properties in slightly under market areas, with low vacancy. Likewise, if you have a significant amount of equity available, why not diversify?

With minimum down payments on investment properties standing at just 20%, anyone with equity in their properties can potentially benefit from investing in a number of properties all at once, but also with the right deal, still being able to invest in various syndicate mortgage options.

In fact, what it comes down to in many cases when choosing between syndicate mortgages and investment properties, is how passive a return people are looking for on their respective investments. Where syndicate mortgages guarantee 8% annual returns for no actual labour, investment properties run 8% management costs which many people choose to offset by managing projects themselves.

As a professional mortgage agent, I don’t try to sell people financial products that are in my interest. I build my reputation on getting my clients the best possible deals suited to every one of them individually. If therefore, you presently have equity to invest, but aren’t sure of what might be best for your specific situation, give me a call today or contact me directly by clicking here and let’s start talking about what the best investment strategy for you might be.

To your Wealth!


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