Michelle Ferguson: Canadian Small Business Woman of the Month of December 2015


My name is Michelle Ferguson and I’m a Canadian small business owner Eternal Garden along with my children.  I’m a single parent and my child  was experiencing eczema on her skin and didn’t have a clue what to do except go to the doctor for help after receiving the cream I was unable to use it because as the medicated direct to not apply to broken skin.I was frustrated and had no clue what to do so I did some searching and found something that worked natural Butters which originated from plants and so Eternal Garden was born.

Eternal Garden is a Canadian Business that makes handmade natural skincare body products using all natural ingredients for people experiencing  with sensitive skin or trouble skin our products are Lip Balms, Body Bars(lotion) which are made with Butters such as mango,shea,Cocoa ect,Soaps,Bath Bombs.

Our Q & A with Michelle:

*What inspires you?

Art inspires me because it overlaps into different areas such as music,art,color,creativity and imagination.My girls also inspire me to be the best mom and Business woman I can be to get up each day do my best.

*As a small business owner, what achievements make you most proud?

I’m most proud of being able to help people and inform them of what we do and how our products can help them like my daughter to live a more peaceful life without the side effects of eczema. I’m also proud of my kids because they’re such  wonderful human beings because being an Entrepreneur isn’t easy especially if you have  a family to take care of and to balance the two. It took some trial and error to balance both but I continue to reflect and make adjustments for both of these important aspect of being a mom.

*What advice would you give to other aspiring small business owners?

My advice would be enjoy everything about being an Entrepreneur because it took strength for you to step out and follow your dreams. It gets easier as time goes by because when you have a network of people cheering you on it doesn’t feel lonely or hard. Train your mindset to be positive and expect something great to happen everyday.

*What new things can we look forward to from your business in the upcoming year?

I’m so excited about 2016 because things are going to be crazy fun for us as a business and as a family. Things that we missed last year will be strategically planned so that we hit every opportunity out of the sky. We’ve started doing themes instead of random creations and more fun filled ideas coming that you have to keep your eye out for.

Connect with Michelle:

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