Simple Steps to Help You Achieve Your Goals This Year!



Foremost on our minds at the start of a new year is making one type of change or other in order to help us achieve our goals; get better at something, be healthier, life or career goals, and more.

I’d like to introduce you the ADKAR by Prosci. ADKAR ​is most commonly used in organisations as a Change Management tool to manage change in business processes, technology etc. However, it can also be a fantastic tool to apply in personal change situations.

Here is one way we can apply ADKAR to Personal Change

Awareness – Start with recognising and being aware that your current situation needs to change i.e. your job or role, need to get healthier or lose weight, or improve your relationships.

Desire – Have a strong desire to want and see your goals become reality. By having a strong ‘why’ on your need to change, this becomes the motivation and driving force to create and maintain the momentum you need i.e. having a strong desire to increase your income so as to care for your family or pay-off your debts, or a need for strong inner or spiritual fulfillment, or job satisfaction

Knowledge – This requires equipping yourself with the knowledge and information needed to help you change and be successful with your desires and goals. i.e. attending career or health seminars, reading books or online blogs, networking event and communities

Ability – Building the skills and behaviours that will help you be successful with the desired change. i.e. attending training, receiving coaching, on-hands learning and practice

Reinforce – Create the right environment and support system to help you make the change stick and sustainable. i.e. join support groups, get an accountability partner, get a mentor, join professional associations

What are your strategies for personal change? Have you used the ADKAR approach or any other formal methodologies to implement personal change? Please share your personal experience and tips.


Yvonne is an Author, Speaker, Change Consultant & John Maxwell Leadership Coach who is passionate about working with Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Organisations to help them implement the change they want and achieve their goals.

To learn about Yvonne’s latest book on how to get the results you want, visit

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