Angelot Ndongmo: Canadian Small Business Woman of the Month of January 2016


First generation Canadian award-winning children’s author has always enjoyed working with youth and writing in her pastime. Those two worlds collided during her position as a youth worker. She got her first professional writing accomplishment when her article was published in Black Woman & Child magazine. Remembering her own personal struggles as a young African-Canadian girl, she recognized the need for reading materials geared towards black children that would help them embrace their own beauty and uniqueness. A burning desire set in to do something about it and the end result was her first children’s book entitled, “Loving Me” which was met with great success. Many parents expressed their desire to engage their young sons as well, thus giving way to her follow up children’s book entitled, “Boy! I Am Loving Me!” The series went on to win several awards including the 2014 My People Caribbean Canadian Literary Award.

Success for Angelot didn’t come overnight though. The earlier stages of Angelot’s life weren’t easy, but due to the sacrifices her mother made, Angelot and her sisters were raised in Canada, enjoying the great privileges that this country provides. Knowing that it did come at a price, Angelot remains grateful and continually inspired by her mother. Now Angelot is trying to give back the generous and selfless gift given to her, by writing children’s books that are empowering future generations.


Our Q & A with Angelot:

*What inspires you?

Children inspire me. They’re so precious and they represent our future. I love having the opportunity to inspire them. I feel it’s my responsibility to try to help children realize how awesome they are!


*As a small business owner, what achievements make you most proud?

Every time I hear a child express how much they love themselves because of my books it makes me proud. I also love when parents express that their child wants to have the hairstyles featured in my book!

I enjoy hearing the ways in which the series has improved the lives of others somehow because it inspires me to work harder and to not give up.


*What advice would you give to other aspiring small business owners?

A mixture of age-old sayings: a lot of people want success until they realize what it takes! If it’s your passion then roll up your sleeves…rest if you must, but don’t ever quit!


*What new things can we look forward to from your business in the upcoming year?
Beyond books, we have great new merchandise, such as t-shirts and some other wonderful surprises this year. We have created “The Loving Me Song” which is now available on iTunes!

We also started the #NoMoreHairBullying campaign on social media, which was featured in the December 31 issue of the Jamaican Gleaner.



Be sure to follow Angelot and the Loving Me Series on social media for the latest news and updates!

Twitter: @AngelotNDongmo & @LovingMeSeries

Instagram: @angelotndongmo & @lovingmeseries

Facebook: Loving Me Series

One thought on “Angelot Ndongmo: Canadian Small Business Woman of the Month of January 2016

  1. Nicki N says:

    Congratulations! I hope you continuesto write more books and perhaps someday have a tv episode reflecting her book! That would be cool!

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