Building My Retirement with Real Estate


Depending on whom you speak with there are many ideas of how to build a retirement nest egg. I have a specific plan for retirement that includes real estate. While many people still believe the stock market is the safer way to go, I decided long ago it was not for me.

For one, I did not want to invest and pay fees and for two I did not want to invest in the stock market, where I had relatively no control.

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It is no surprise that investing in real estate, is the safest (in most cases) investment there is and couple this with opportunities that abound in Canada, you have a recipe for success.

Long ago, before real estate and being a mortgage agent was a reality, I like everyone else invested in mutual funds, bonds and stocks. Unfortunately like so many other people, that all changed after the crash when almost my whole portfolio was decimated.

Thankfully I was youngish, and was able to start again. I took the reins and responsibility for my own retirement and investing goals and started to research everything that was available. At the time I was still working in film and television but slowly transitioning out to a new career in home staging. It was through home staging for real estate investors, that I was introduced to the wonderful world of real estate investing.

I researched everything from buy & hold, flipping and rent to own and in the end settled on rent to own, simply because I liked the idea of being able to help somebody become a homeowner and second I liked that the tenant was mostly responsible for the maintenance of the property – I was not interested in being a full-time landlord.

From rent to own I have moved again to a buy & hold four-plex with a JV partner and recently to lending my money. In addition, I have invested my RRSP’s into a syndicate product that will accrue for 5 years and pay annually 11% per year.

I must say that my favourite strategy by far is lending my money as it is bringing me similar or greater returns, however the risk is a bit higher. If you want the greater returns you need to be able to accept a modicum of risk…being a mortgage agent I know a good borrower when I see one – but even then things can go sideways in a minute, even with good planning!

I am in my upper 40’s and the crunch is on to make sure I have my retirement goals in check. My end goal is to purchase properties abroad that will provide me with cash flow and appreciation and one day a property when I am ready to retire, that I can move to.

Do you have a retirement plan? Is real estate a part of that plan? If not, are you perhaps interested in purchasing a rental property, lending your money or even investing in syndicate mortgages? If so, please reach out and have a discussion with me. There are many ways to invest in real estate that will provide you greater returns than what you will get through the stock market.

I can be reached at or 416 697-5443.
To Your Wealth! Amina

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