30 blog topics for small businesses


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For many small business owners posting blogs frequently is important because it gives them a chance to stay connected with their audience. Unfortunately, over time, their blog sites become inactive due to soul fact of not having any new topics to blog about.

Here are 30 potential blog topics for small businesses looking for fresh and new ideas:

1)    Our business: a background story of how it all started.

2)    Ask your readers what they would like you to write about.

3)    Do a round up of last year’s most popular blog posts.

4)    Recap or update on a pervious blog post.

5)    Most frequently asked questions by customers.

6)    How did your company get its name?

7)    A day in the life of your company.

8)    How do you hire staff?

9)    Confess a weakness.

10)       What is a lesson you learned in the last year?

11)       The latest trends emerging in your industry.

12)       A profile piece on a staff member or a long time customer.

13)       The biggest challenge your company has had in the last year.

14)       Discuss upcoming/recent events within your business.

15)       Do a product review.

16)       Run a content.

17)       Share upcoming promotions.

18)       New products or services being launched.

19)       Tricks and tips for customers to make better use out of your products/services.

20)       Best suggestion given to you by a customer.

21)       What you love about being a business owner.

22)       The biggest challenge about owning a business.

23)       Do a video tour of your company’s building/office space.

24)       Hopes and plans for your businesses future.

25)       What do you hope to accomplish through your blogs?

26)       Review a book or magazine article relevant to your industry.

27)       Post a tutorial or how-to video or written piece.

28)       Expose scams within your industry.

29)       How to turn an unhappy customer into a happy customer.

30)       What do you love about your industry?

Dwania is the Founder and Executive Director of Canadian Small Business Women Contact Canadian Small Business Women:



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One thought on “30 blog topics for small businesses

  1. Christine says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips!

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