Canadian Small Business Women was created to provide a place for aspiring Canadian business women to find the necessary resources to take their business from the planning stage to a reality. We also aim to provide business directory, event information, and advertising opportunities for existing Canadian Small Business Women. Through our blogs, social media pages and our related articles, we hope to connect our experts to aspiring and current business women of Canada and provide the information needed to take their businesses to the next level.

Dwania Snap

Dwania Peele is a Jamaican born immigrant who currently resides in Toronto, Canada.  From an early age, she has excelled educationally.  She was valedictorian of her Preparatory School in Jamaica and has a graduation rank of #2 in Junior High School and #4 in High School.  After moving to Canada, Dwania attended The University of Windsor, where she earned Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and in Political Science.  She also holds a diploma from St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology in Chemical Laboratory Technology.  With all that education in hand, Dwania decided to dive into the work force by finding a position in her field.  After working as a Lab Technician in a pharmaceutical company for 3 years, Dwania was laid off due to the company going bankrupt.  During that summer of 2008, her first business was born.  Tiny Delights Cupcakes and Pies Inc came about when she started baking for her husband and her friends.  The cupcake fever had just hit Canada at the time and Windsor was well behind on the fad.  The business expanded so much so that they were serving clients t Chrysler Canada and Google Canada.

After going back to work, this time as a Research Scientist, she put the cupcake business on hold due to lack of time to be creative.  She worked in Chemistry for about 2 years before moving from Windsor to Toronto.  In Toronto, Dwania began working in a position that was not to her liking.  This position gave her the push necessary to resurrect Tiny Delights Inc.  After much research, she learned to write a business plan and also learned how to incorporate her business.  After getting it all started, she started to wonder why it seemed so difficult to get a business started.  Why did it seem like all the information wasn’t accessible?  She put that thought behind her and focused on her business and also on her professional life.  Late in 2012, Dwania found herself helping a friend who had a small business idea.  After giving her advice and being able to point her in the right direction, Dwania decided that she would pool all her resources and store them in one place.  In January of 2013, Canadian Small Business Women was born.

Please visit our website or contact us at info@canadiansmallbusiness.ca for further information.


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  1. Blair says:

    I am a small business consultant, but am looking to promote my other business of which I very passionate – as a partner in the International Women Achievers’ AwardsTM….would we qualify to attend the Expo in February?

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