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Be Fearless


Typically in this space I touch upon issues of concern relative to communications in general or communications strategies for small business. Today however, I want to challenge you to face 2016 not just with improved communications skills but also with confidence, clarity of vision, a renewed focus and, this is the big one – fearlessly!

No doubt, at more than one point in your life you have been afraid. Maybe of the future, of failure at school, work or sports, afraid of giving birth (that’s a big one!) or of embarking on a new career.  What was it that helped you overcome that fear? OK, in the case of giving birth you kind of had no choice but in the absence of the onset of labour pains – what helped you to take the leap of faith necessary to move past your fears?

Perhaps your answer is “courage” or maybe “resolve.” Still others might say it was  “opportunity” or that the timing was “right.” Perhaps you were given the gift of money whether through a packaged buy – out or an inheritance. Whatever your answer, being fearless had to have been a part of the process.  This doesn’t necessarily mean to suggest you were without fear but rather, that you embraced your fear and forged ahead regardless.  So how can you encourage being fearless?

Becoming fearless involves strategy.  Yes certain elements like timing and opportunity are important but having a strategy in place that you can act upon for when the timing is right will help create potential success.  Have you, for example, made a list of the pros and cons for your potential action? Have you done research? Have you anticipated all the possible outcomes and planned for them accordingly? Have you considered getting some coaching to help you bridge the gap between your fear and your determination and resolve?  If you have a plan in place with clearly defined, specific and measurable goals this alone will help reduce your fears.  Proactive planning tools will help you to achieve your dreams and while they may not eliminate your fears entirely, they certainly help you anticipate and plan for them, reducing fear to something much more manageable.

So GET PLANNING! Be specific. Always remember however that a little bit of healthy fear is a good thing. It’s natures built in “fight or flight” response. It keeps you alert and aware to potential pitfalls but by planning for them, you can face your fears – fearlessly!

As Owner and Principal partner of “Writing Right For You” Sheralyn is a Communications Strategist – working together with entrepreneurs to maximize profit through effective use of the written word. Looking for web content that works, blog articles that engage or communications strategies that help you get noticed?  Contact Sheralyn today. Sheralyn is also the mother of two children now entering the “terrible and terrific teens” and spends her free time volunteering for several non-profit organizations.

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Courage Is A Trait We Grow Into


The definition of Courage is the ability and willingness to confront fearpaindangeruncertainty, or intimidationPhysical courage is courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, death, or threat of death, while moral courage is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shamescandal, or discouragement.

Such an emotional definition to a part of our being that is so deep within us.  I think back on my life and remember times when I felt I could have been more resourceful or brave in sticking to my wants, needs and ideals.  And as I reflect I notice that I did the best I could with what I knew about myself and the situation at that moment in time.

I believe that there are great levels of courage.  Do you remember the time in school where the bully was picking on someone and you could have said something but didn’t because we were too afraid in that moment?  Were you really afraid or was it that you didn’t know what you could do? At the age of 10 or 12 we knew right from wrong.  Now our more complex brain (our unconscious mind) has influences on our thoughts as well and they are even more powerful.

It is our unconscious that sizes up the situations we are faced with in seconds.  Our wondrous mind looks at the situations and as in the case of the bully asks and responds faster than the speed of light at its own questions.

The questions start:

Should I let this person do this to someone else?

Why isn’t anyone else jumping in?

Am I big enough to help?

What if I am not and no one jumps in to help me?

Will I be able to ever get away from this bully again?

All these questions and more run through and are answered instantaneously.


So, let move back to my first thought and that is that courage is a trait that grows as we grow.  The more information and experiences we are introduced to, the more able we are to respond to difficult situations.  We are just people doing the all we can in the best of moments and in the difficult times. Never doubt your courage and trust your instincts.  Your courage is directly connected to that very wholesome part of yourself.

Anna Ottaviani is a Board Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Master Coach, Board Certified Master Hypnotherapist,Creating Your Future® , Time Line® Therapist Practitioner and Reiki Master. Her methods are unique and tailored to each individual client. She can be reached at www.sucessfullyyou.ca or by phone at 289-221-5772. You can follow her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/successfullyyou?ref=ts&fref=ts

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