6 Tips for Managing Your Employees

Managing people is a tricky job, even for the most skilled business school grads and experienced professionals. Running a business and managing staff is more than just delegating tasks and supervising employees; it means you are accountable to both your clients and your staff. Here are a few tips for managing people : Delegate work according to skill level and capability As an entrepreneur your … Continue reading 6 Tips for Managing Your Employees

3 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Team

We’ve all heard it said that there is no “i” in team. Unfortunately, many of us entrepreneurs tell ourselves that we can’t afford to hire a team, especially at the beginning, however, there comes a point where were can’t afford not to. Few of us are great at everything I know I can’t be the only one who has wasted valuable time trying to do … Continue reading 3 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Team

Tania DeSa: Canadian Small Business Woman of the Month of July 2014

Tania DeSa is a Personal Branding Strategist, Leadership Coach and Corporate Trainer whose mission is to inspire professionals to own their awesomeness to be seen and heard in any community.  She inspires professionals to see themselves differently then kick up their communication style to add value and achieve results- in business and in life.   http://www.taniadesa.com Tania draws from intercultural experiences of traveling to over 70 … Continue reading Tania DeSa: Canadian Small Business Woman of the Month of July 2014

Solopreneurship: reality or illusion?

I’ve heard the term solopreneur used quite a lot recently, and there was a time when I identified with it.  I am, after all, doing my business solo, am I not?  What I am now realizing is that just because I’m the sole owner of the business, it doesn’t mean that I’m really doing it “on my own”. Whether it’s the business coaches I’ve worked … Continue reading Solopreneurship: reality or illusion?

What Sets Us Apart?!?

What sets us apart! I speak with my entrepreneurs and one question I ask them is “What makes you different?” The answers vary. Words like “new” technique, “improved” materials, and “specialized” equipment come into the conversation. Then I ask them again, “What makes YOU different?” This is when I see the furrowed brow and confused looks. In a time with prices are competitive, margin is … Continue reading What Sets Us Apart?!?


1. Lack of Business Planning Nightmares begin when an employee realizes that an employer is clueless as to what is needed to drive results and make business thrive. How can an effective business plan be made in the absence of a leader who is resourceful enough to develop a strategic roadmap? How can realistic goals be set? An employer that lacks knowledge in the areas … Continue reading 3 EASY WAYS TO LOSE YOUR BEST EMPLOYEES