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5 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read


It’s been said that successful entrepreneurs are readers. It makes sense, of course. There isn’t enough time to make all the mistakes possible and learn from them. Reading provides us with an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and tap into their wisdom as well. There are so many awesome books out there, I’m sure I could do a whole series on great books! Here’s my top 5, feel free to share yours in the comments!

  1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Even though this book was originally published in 1937, the information contained in it is timeless. This is a book that you can read several times and get something different out of it each and every time! If you struggle with negative thinking and staying committed to your goals, this book will definitely help! Running a mastermind group based on this book in 2013 provided me with the tools to take the leap into full-time entrepreneurship.


  1. Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

Another book by Napoleon Hill, this one talks about to work through the fears that hold us back from living the life we want. Written in 1938, it wasn’t published until 2012 due to its controversial nature. It’s a cleverly written book, with Mr. Hill actually interviewing the Devil. The insights shared about institutionalized fear provide great food for thought.


  1. The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwarz

If you need some prompting to achieve those big goals, this is the book for you! Another timeless classic, this book is all about what happens when you stop letting your fears control you and you take massive decisive action towards your goals. This book is easy to read with a lot of great insights and advice.


  1. The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer’s books aren’t targeted towards entrepreneurs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a worthy read! This book talks about the importance of focusing on the things that are going to get you closer to where you want to be. To be successful in anything you do, you have to get your mind right, and this book provides you with some great tools to do just that.


  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

I couldn’t leave this classic off the list! This book is another good one that helps you to get to a level of operating at maximum efficiency. The habits are logical; it’s just a matter of putting them into practice in our own lives. The great thing is that the book provides techniques to incorporate the habits into our routine. This is another book that deserves a revisit every once and awhile.

There are so many books that provide great business wisdom! Special mention goes to Arlene Dickinson’s book Persuasion and Michael Hyatt’s Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. While it can be easy to think that there’s no time for reading, even 15 minutes a day can provide great insight. Thanks to technology, you don’t even have to read the book; you can take them on the road with you with audio books! If we’re not growing, we’re stagnant. Books are a great way to continue our personal evolution and help in the growth of our businesses as well!

Sandra Dawes is a certified life coach specializing in helping women who feel unfulfilled with their 9-5 follow their dreams and pursue their passions. She holds an Honours BA, an MBA as well as a certificate in Dispute Resolution.She has completed her first book,Embrace Your Destiny: 12 Steps to Living the Life You Deserve!






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5 reasons you should join a mastermind group


When I first heard the term mastermind, I was intrigued.  I like the idea of a group of people working together to support one another with their respective goals.  I have participated in masterminds as a facilitator and as a participant.  I have seen and experienced the benefits from both perspectives and I strongly recommend finding one that suits your needs.  Here are 5 reasons why I believe every entrepreneur should be a part of a mastermind group.

  1. We can’t do it alone

    When we try to do it all on our own, we inevitably make painful and often very costly mistakes. Being a part of a mastermind allows us to learn from the mistakes and successes of others.  It also offers us the opportunity to realize that we are not alone in our struggles and challenges.  It’s nice to know that there is life after failure.  It’s even better when you know that you have a group of people that are committed to helping you achieve your goals as you are to them in the pursuit of theirs.

  1. Different minds, different perspectives

    Ideally, you want to be a part of a mastermind group that has varied skill sets, experiences and ways of processing information. You need you left and right brain thinkers at the table.  We can benefit from the creative viewpoint as much as we can the analytical.  Having these different thinkers in the group gives you access to a variety of viewpoints that you may never have considered.  I love the saying that we don’t know what we don’t know because it’s true.  Being part of a mastermind gives you access to the wealth of knowledge held by each participant.

  2. Accountability

    Meetings give each participant a change to update the group on who their week or month has been, depending on the frequency of the meetings. This is where each member celebrates their successes, talks about what’s working and what isn’t and what they commit to accomplishing for the next meeting.  Sharing your commitments holds you accountable to the rest of the group and allows the group the opportunity to offer any help they can in the achievement of your goal.  The magic happens because all of this help and support I s never one-sided.  Reciprocity is the magic ingredient that makes masterminds thrive.

  3. Expand your network in a meaningful way

    Sure Linkedin will show you how wide your network is because of your connections, but what does that really mean? When you’re a part of a mastermind group, you hear A LOT of “I know someone who can help you out with that!”  I don’t know about you, but those words are music to my ears, especially when that connection can help me with something I’ve been wrestling with for a while!  The more time you spend with your group, the better they understand your business and what you need.  Whether it’s someone to help you coordinate your next event or a client referral, your group members are there to support you, just as you are there for them.  Social media is great, but there’s still something to be said for that personal, intimate connection that can only be developed with time.

  4. Awesome camaraderie, support and encouragement

Here’s the thing –when you join a mastermind group, whether it’s a six-month or year-long commitment, you can’t help but develop a strong bond with the other members.  You’re baring your soul, sharing your struggles and celebrating your accomplishments with these people on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  When you are committed to the group, the process and each other’s success, the magic really starts to happen.  There are groups that have been going for years, if not decades because they know firsthand that masterminds really do work!

Napoleon Hill, in his book Think and Grow Rich, describes a mastermind group as “a friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with plan and purpose.”  He dedicates an entire chapter to the concept in the book for a reason.  Being part of an effective mastermind group can be just what you need to help you take your business exactly where you want it to be, or even further than you ever imagined!

If you’re considering joining a mastermind, then you should definitely think about becoming a Canadian Small Business Women member! I’m pleased to be partnering with CSBW and offering preferred rates on participating in my 6-month mastermind program. For more information on the different membership options, visit the following link. I look forward to achieving massive success with you!

Sandra Dawes is a certified life coach specializing in helping women who feel unfulfilled with their 9-5 follow their dreams and pursue their passions. She holds an Honours BA, an MBA as well as a certificate in Dispute Resolution.She has completed her first book,Embrace Your Destiny: 12 Steps to Living the Life You Deserve!






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Are you stopping three feet from gold?


If you’re into personal growth (which is highly recommended for all business owners), then you most likely have come across Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich. There was a story he shares called Three Feet from Gold. It’s basically a story during the time people went digging for gold to achieve wealth.

There was a man (Mr. Darby) that used his savings and those of his family’s and bought a great deal of equipment in order to dig for gold. He went on his quest to dig, but then got to a point where all signs of gold seemed to disappear. Feeling disappointed and frustrated, he then sells all the equipment’s to some ‘junk man’ who sought counsel of an engineer that lead him to finding gold just three feet from where Mr. Darby left off!

This story struck me because there are so many times when many of us face what seems to appear as a defeat and failure as we take on a project that we hope will bring us success. This is something many business owners face. We get an idea that we are passionate about, and then we plan and start taking action. At first things are going well and we are surprised at all the opportunities that seem to present themselves to us. As time goes on, things may get stagnant and we feel that our business is not progressing and we find it difficult to get to the place we envision in our dreams. Months, even years go by and nothing. As a result, many of us see this as a sign that it was not meant to be and often times, just when the tide is about to turn, we give up!

What would have happened if Mr. Darby kept going? He would have had all his dreams come to reality. However, his dreams of finding gold never came to pass because he stopped just three feet from gold!

How many times has that happened to you? Have you ever started something just to give up because it was just too difficult? If you knew you could not fail, what would have been your choice? I truly, believe that we can never fail! I know some people may not agree with this statement, but that is my belief! If we are persistent enough and keep working on our dreams, we will see it in physical form.

I am also reminded of the story of Jim Treliving who is Owner of Boston Pizza International Inc. and also one of the dragons in Dragon’s Den, the show where “wealthy high-powered entrepreneurs are pitched ideas from hopeful entrepreneurs looking for the dragon’s investments.” I saw a feature story on Jim when he was just starting out. There were times that were so difficult for him and his business that it was difficult to make ends meet. He worked several different jobs just to keep his business going. It amazes me when we look at him now, and admire or even envy his success and not realize nor think about all the trials he went through before he “reached gold”. He did not stop when times got tough, but keep persisting until his goal became a reality.

This is not easy to do, I know this, and that is why I always advise people to have passion in whatever business they wish to pursue. Your passion will fuel your energy and not allow you to give up just shy of your goal. It is the passion and love for what you do that drives and inspires you to keep going and push past any delays or detours in your journey. During these times, it is important to remember that these delays are not denials and that it only becomes a denial when you say so! Only at the point that you call it quits will you lose because if you keep persisting you will eventually achieve your dreams. It is not a matter of if, but when!

Uchechi Ezurike-Bosse is a Business & Lifestyle Strategist, Speaker and Writer, but most importantly, a proud Mother and Wife. Uchechi is Founder of My Empowered Living (http://www.myempoweredliving.com) a website aimed at helping women shift their mindset and live their passion! Whether it’s starting and building their dream business, or helping them create a lifestyle they crave, Uchechi is the modern woman’s secret to success! Visit Uchechi at www.myempoweredliving.com to get her FREE online video training series The 4 Keys to your Business Success! This free 4-day business training reveals her 4 key strategies needed to build a profitable and successful business, and how to put them to work in your business!

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Establishing your dream team


Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Especially if you’re a solopreneur like me! You can be left feeling very isolated from the rest of the world, and if you work from home, it can make things that much more challenging. That’s why attending networking events is great. It’s an opportunity to get out of the house and connect with people in the flesh rather than doing it through social media from the comfort of your own home.

Sometimes, however, networking isn’t enough. When you’re at a networking event, there isn’t usually enough time to talk to someone about the challenges you may be facing and seek guidance on how to overcome them. Let’s face it; most of us are wearing a mask of some sort when we’re at networking events. I don’t think I’ve never heard anyone at an event talking much about what isn’t working in their business. Everyone’s “really busy” and business always seems to be “great!”

So if networking events aren’t the place to talk about the challenges and obstacles you’re facing, where can you go? I’m lucky to have entrepreneurs in my circle of friends that I can talk to, but that’s not always enough. Mastermind groups are a great way to establish a formal team where each member supports one another in the pursuit of their business or professional goals (or both), a sounding board for ideas and a knowledge bank when difficulties arise.

If you’ve read the book Think and Grow Rich you know that a mastermind is what happens when 2 or more people come together for a common purpose. A mastermind group is like your personal board of directors. It’s about bringing the skills and knowledge that you don’t have to the table so that each member has something to contribute and can benefit from the knowledge at the table as well.

Creating a successful mastermind group can be a challenge. Everyone has hectic schedules these days and finding people who are willing and able to commit to meeting on a regular basis isn’t always easy. The mastermind group also has to be a conflict free forum. There can’t be competitors in the same group and everyone should be asked to complete a non-disclosure form. You want the members of the group to feel safe to share whatever they want and need to in order to help them and the rest of the team achieve their goals.

Putting together your dream team won’t necessarily be an easy task; however, once you have that team together, you’ll be amazed at the magic that takes place. The reality is that we can’t do it all on our own. As cliché as it may sound, the reality is that we don’t know what we don’t know. Putting together a team of colleagues with expertise that you each can benefit from accessing allows you to get varying perspectives. The team will ask questions you never considered, offer opportunities you didn’t even know existed, or have access to people you need to connect with.

“No two minds ever come together without a third invisible force, which may be likened to a “third mind”. When a group of individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group.” ~ Napoleon Hill

If you’re interested in becoming part of a mastermind group, contact me for more information!

Sandra Dawes is a certified life coach specializing in helping women who feel unfulfilled with their 9-5 follow their dreams and pursue their passions. She holds an Honours BA, an MBA as well as a certificate in Dispute Resolution.She has completed her first book,Embrace Your Destiny: 12 Steps to Living the Life You Deserve!



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